What is THE CORE OF ''Soroptimist Leadership Academy?''

The main target of the Leadership Academy is to empower and inspire young women through specifically designed leadership training. The Soroptimist Leadership Academy supports the Soroptimist International Program ''Educate-Empower-Enable''. Our vision is as stated: ''Women and girls will achieve their individual and collective potential, realize aspirations and have an equal voice in creating strong, peaceful communities worldwide''. To realize our vision, we aim to fulfil our mission by transforming the lives and status of women and girls through education, empowerment and by enabling opportunities as mentioned above. ''Soroptimist Leadership Academy'' is a ''leading teamwork” with participating young women and inspiring lecturers. This PROJECT was honored with the ''Best Practice Award'' in 2015. The SIE Leadership Academy is a master project.


Following the initiation of correspondence between the SI Turkey Union Board (2012-2014) and the Single Club Struga-(The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Twinning Process between the SI Turkey and the Single Club Struga started. Katerina Vasileska introduced the ''Leadership Academy Project''. She initiated the idea and the concept of the Leadership Academy with the experience and knowledge she gained in different projects. Together with Katerina Vasileska's idea combined with the Turkish Union's collaboration, the Leadership Academy commenced in 2014.This project continued until 2016, with 28, 25, and 29 participants respectively, totalling to 82 participants from different countries of Europe like the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, Kosovo, Poland, the Netherlands and Iraq. Volunteering Soroptimist Lecturers from Portugal, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Turkey, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and the Netherlands presented workshops; enriched and co-partnered to blend in the Academy multicultural aspect of the participants, broadened the horizon of the young participants from different countries.

The project commenced with the successful and commendable hard work of the Turkish Union, the Struga Club President and the Struga Club members and successfully continued between the years 2013-2016. We extend our special thanks to all for being the source of inspiration, and for contributing their efforts to realize and to prosper this project. With the Voluntary Dissolution of the Club Struga, this project came to an end.

Later, this project inspired the Nordic Countries. Nordic Countries co-partnered and with a new arrangement the PROJECT continued under the ''Soroptimist Nordic Leadership Academy (SNLA)'' title.

As a result, when a participant graduates from this Academy, she will learn the tools of leadership and she will be ''a leader in her own path of life''!

This year the Soroptimist International is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the foundation. The motto of the Centennial is ''Bright Past - Brilliant Future''. The YOUTH is our future. Come and join the BRILLIANT FUTURE. We look forward to welcoming YOU!