20 Questions for Fulfilling Professional Life

No matter who we are, what the situation is like, and how we envision the future, we can always gain a better perspective if we take the time to ask ourselves and others questions that help us reflect deeply. After a brief introduction, we will examine five sets of questions to set a course and define the next steps we want to take in our lives. These are what we define as important in our lives, what
we want to do in the future, what we believe in doing to achieve our goals, how we feel about ourselves and others, and what we can do to improve our current status.

After this time of reflection, we’ll share the BEER model to examine real situations. This will provide the structure necessary to move from thinking into action and the ability to evaluate the possible outcomes to plan the next best steps. Join us for this practical session which will provide you insights into yourself and others and support you on your journey into a brighter future.

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