Nilgün Pakkan was born in 1957,  İstanbul, Turkey.  She is married, has two children.

She went to  Austrian High School St. Georgs-Kolleg Istanbul..  She graduated from Boğaziçi (Bosphorus) University; from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Department of  Economics and Junior College, Computer Programming.

She is specialized in Capital Market activities & treasury products.  She worked in Budgeting and Financial Reporting, Compliance & Internal Control Departments of varıous local and ınternational securıty companies and banks like Citibank NA İstanbul, ABN Amro Hoare Govett Securitıes, Istanbul, Finansbank A.Ş., Turkish Yatırım Securities as Director.

Nilgün Pakkan has been a member of the İstanbul SI Club since 1992.  She worked several times as the Club Secretary, Treasurer, Program Director and as the responsible person of the Scholarship Commıttee and became the Club President for the 2008-2010 period.   At Union level, she worked as the Union Vice President (2010-2012), Governor (2013-2015), Union President (2016-2018), Governor (2018-2021).

She is still a member of the Sankt Georg İstanbul Alumni Association, working on the project of ‘Woman Platform’, and is a member of Bosphorus University Alumni Association.