She was born in Ankara, graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Education studying English Language and Literature.  Having served as an English teacher for almost five years, she got married and moved to California, USA for 2.5 years. Returning back to Turkey, she worked as an educational specialist on education systems and equivalence of diplomas at the Board of Education, Director of the Legislation Branch, following as a Deputy General Director of Foreign Relations in the Ministry of National Education. She retired from the Ministry of National Education leaving behind a 30-year active service, full of various certifications of merit and appreciations.

Right after her retirement, she started as a founding principal and coordinator of a private school in Ankara, served with dedication her work and strong belief how the education is vital for the future of the country and generations to come for more than eight years.  She resigned and quitted her work at the beginning of 2020. She is an education volunteer for lifelong.

She is a person with many interests such as handcrafts, travel and history. She is currently a student of the Department of History at Anadolu University.

Meral Hacipaşaoğlu has always believed in the importance of the non-governmental organizations. She has been the member of SI Club Gaziosmanpaşa since 2013. She served as a president of the Club between May 2019- May 2021. She is the programme coordinator of the club for 2021-2023. She is happily married having a son.