It is a pleasure to share my warmest welcome to you for Soroptimist International of Europe Virtual Leadership Academy 2021.

Soroptimists work for improving women’s and girl’s lives and to enable, empower and encourage them by saying “We stand up for Women”. As we know education is the most important passport for women’s and girl’s lives that will skilled them in the workforce diversity.

SLA Committee has been working very hard to prepare enriching program to make this Virtual Leadership Academy an unforgettable experience in your life since it has been offered to SI Turkey to be the host for Virtual Leadership Academy 2021.

For the first time young women are invited to join a Soroptimist International of Europe Virtual Leadership Academy and SLA Committee want to present YOU an opportunity to have different perspectives for your journey in life.

I know that Virtual Leadership Academy will be an enjoyable experience while having a chance to meet young women from different countries and sharing thougths with them.

I would like to thank our SIE Unions and Clubs who support this Virtual Leadership Academy by motivating young women as participants.

I would like to thank our most valuable Lecturers who create some time for Virtual Leadership Academy by sharing their deep knowledge to motivate, inspire and being role models for our participants.

I would like thank our SIE President Anna Wszelaczyńska and SIE Board members for their trust and support.

Nur Velidedeoğlu Kavuncu

SLA Organizing Committee Chair 2021

SI Turkey Immediate Past President 2018-2021