Soroptimist International Europe – Virtual Leadership Academy 2021, SI Turkey

On behalf of the Soroptimist International Europe – Virtual Leadership Academy Organization Committee I  welcome YOU with pleasure.

As a leading non-governmental organization for women, since 100 years Soroptimists  aim to promote the status of women through Awareness, Advocacy and Action.


We have 3 magical words:  Educate – Empower – Enable.

We hereby try to ensure gender equality and avoid inequalities in education and economic structures.  We know ”lifelong learning” is very important.  On the other hand, what’s more important is ”sharing experience and knowledge” with the other women and girls.  The main goal is ”the best for women” and ”We stand up for Women”.  Soroptimists are always aware of the change in circumstances, thus act accordingly.

We will experience ”Virtual” Leadership Academy with YOU,  with volunteer Soroptimist and  non-Soroptimist Lecturers and Role Models for the first time.  They will inspire you.  You will be surrounded with a comprehensive program, targeting to guide and direct YOU on the route to find your own leadership.

If we believe, we can always make a difference.  Each progress in a woman’s life will have a butterfly effect to make the world a better place to live in.You will meet young peers from different cultures enriching the scope of your friendship ties.

As a result, we hope to stay in contact at all times and share our network with each other.  We hope you enjoy the Leadership Academy training and accumulate valuable memories.

We highly thank all the contributing lecturers, role models, the SIE President and  the SIE Board members, the Unions and the Clubs, and YOU the valuable participants.


Nilgün Pakkan

SLA General Coordinator 2021

SI Turkey Past President 2016-2018