Soroptimist International Europe – Virtual Leadership Academy 2021

First-Time Leadership – Trust in You!

The overall strategic objective for Soroptimist International Europe is to enable, empower and encourage young women, like YOU,  to achieve their individual and collective potentials.

On behalf of Soroptimist International Europe I am pleased to  offer YOU some support to realize your aspirations and to fulfill your dream in business and profession.

As Soroptimist we aim to increase access to economic empowerment for you to stand for your own in your life.

Be aware that not only you are responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment to become a leader in future.

Based on that strategy the virtual Leadership Academy is a programme for young women, like YOU, which aims to help them discover their leadership potentials and talents.

You won’t regret joining this opportunity!

You will gain knowledge and understanding in fields of study that will be covered under the headings – Leadership principles – Personal Development – Cultural and Democracy issues.

Get attracted by a number of young women out of Europe with diverse backgrounds who in turn can communicate with you about the values of respect for differences – as well as the advantages of diversity.

And last but not least networking and long lasting friendships will be also a vital part of this programme.

Getting to know each other and continue networking in future is a clear goal.

For sure: You will also benefit from the Soroptimist International network so that you’ll gain an insight view about the work we do and our advisory status at the United Nations.

The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another.

Ingeborg Dietz

SIE Programme Director 2019-2021