Welcome to Soroptimist  Leadership Academy

We are very excited to have you join us.

Soroptimist Turkey is the co-founder of Soroptimist Leadership Academy and very excited to organise it again.

Establishing this Academy, which aligns with Soroptimist purpose and principles, has been a source of great pride for Turkish Soroptimists.

The Academy opens new horizons and enables the attendees to have various experiences which is  a great channel for self-improvement on the way to gain leadership skills.

Women having leadership skills will be a great benefit to the world.

Women are more equipped to make pragmatic decisions in times of crisis as it was proven once again during the Covid 19, pandemic.

They will shatter the glass dome within management roles with their leadership skills and at the same time shorten the time required to close the global gender gap.

More issues and crises will be solved around the world when young women  gain  leadership skills and become decision makers.

SLA is a great opportunity to learn from each other and to share dreams of improving the  lives of women within  the context of leadership and friendship.

Soroptimist International of Turkey prepared a great programme in order to improve the leadership skills of young  women’s.

Hours of work… countless e-mails…numerous  phone calls …limitless meetings and so on…

I would like to express my special thanks to SIE President Anna Wszelaczyńska and to the board, Lecturers, Role Models and all those who  involved in making this such a memorable event.

My gratitude and special thanks goes to SIE Programme Director Ingeborg Dietz and   SLA coordinator Nilgün Pakkan and to all comittee members.

This Academy could not have taken place without you participants,so I would like  to thank each and every one of you.

I believe that with your contributions this Academy will be a great success.

Last but not least I would like to thank Mustafa  Yalçın and his team from Universal Travel for their technical support.

Hope you all, will  fulfill  your expectations and have a great time with us.

Sevil Koca 

SI Turkey Union President 2021-2023