Embodying Assertiveness

In this short workshop we will visit the definitions and manifestations of assertiveness, i.e. what it means and what it takes to express ourselves with confidence and not fall into the traps of passive, aggressive or manipulative behaviours. We will study this not only in theory but also via paying attention to our bodily sensations; anchoring our emotions, imagination, actions and thoughts to   our physical being towards a better understanding of our bio-psycho-social make up. Approaches from Somatic Experiencing and Expressive Art Therapies will be at our service.

We will inquire how it may be possible to keep a strong value for ourselves — being mindful of our strengths and weaknesses and being aware of our needs, but also be mindful and work with the needs of others. We will gain tips and tools towards navigating stressful work and life situations by learning to express ourselves calmly and professionally. We will work towards revisiting problems, achieving results and more importantly building good and respectful relationships with ourselves and others.  Some of the key terminology we will refer to are “response-ability & responsibility”, “saying yes & saying no”, “clarity & honesty”, “attentive listening & curiosity”, “human rights & diversity”.

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