She was born in 1975 in Izmir. She studied her high school in Izmir and in 1993 she joined Turkish Air Force Academy in Istanbul to study Industrial Engineering. After she graduated from the academy she had her pilot training in Izmir which lasted for 2 years. She became a jet pilot at the year 1999. Then after she flew F-5 aircraft at Konya and flew F-16 at Ankara. At the year 2000 she became the first female F-16 pilot of Turkey. Then after she served in various units and squadrons, which were in various cities like Merzifon, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. During her service she attended many exercises both national and international. Most of the time she was the only female pilot wherever she was, when other times she was one of the very few. Being a pioneer she attended and organized many events and organizations to motivate other woman to fulfill their dreams.

Then she got retired from the Airforce as a Major and started flying Boeing aircraft for Sunexpress Airlines. After flying for some companies for around 6 to 7 years and becoming Responsible Captain on Boeing 737, she was invited to the Airforce again to fly. There she instructed cadets of Turkish Air Force to fly for 3 years. Then she got retired again, as a Colonel this time. Now she continues to fly Boeing aircraft in Sunexpress as a Captain. She also teaches students to fly to become a pilot at her other company.

All over the years as a female aviator, her life became a story in 2 documentary films and she got many awards like one from the government being the aviator entrepreneur of the year. She is also a TEDx speaker and has a company for personal development studies. She is married to a Boeing pilot like her and her husband is also a previous jet pilot.