Ayşen Zamanpur is the founder and CEO of Silk and Cashmere – the only brand in the world that specializes in crafting timeless treasures solely from these two precious fibers. Having founded the label a quarter century ago, the brand has since become the vastest cashmere collection boasted by a single brand. Through forming partnerships and strategic alliances with trusted manufacturers in Inner Mongolia, the motherland of these fibers, Silk and Cashmere has been able to expand its global network to close to two hundred sales points in over 25 countries. Trusting in her team from the very beginning, Ayşen Zamanpur defines “the world” as the brand’s current limits.

Married, Mother of 2 (Ferhat 1986, Yasemin 1989)

1976               Robert College

1980               Bosphorus University Business Administration

1981-1985     Planning Specialist in Türkiye Şişe Cam Factories’ Planning Department

1988-1992     Franchisee of an international brand with 7 stores in multiple shopping malls

1992               Founder, CEO & Chairman of Silk & Cashmere.


1998               Robert College, Bosphorus University, NTV and Arthur Andersen International Young Entrepreneurs Competition “Most Creative Entrepreneur” award

1999               National Productivity Center “Most Successful Business Person of the Year

Award” (together with 3 people)

2000               Dünya Newspaper “Most Successful Entrepreneur of the Year Award”

United Nations European Economics Commission Exceptional Woman Entrepreneur Award (together with 7 people

2002               Rotary Club “Businesswoman of the Year Award” (twice)

2004               Stars of Export Award” by Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporter Assoc.

2008               “Maximum Special Award” by Retail SUN Awards

2012               “Most Successful Businesswoman” by Ekovitrin

2013               “International Investment Award” by the Great Paris Investment Agency

Ayşen Zamanpur and Silk & Cashmere have been included in Istanbul University’s Management Institute as “A Successful Case of Entrepreneurship” since 1999. They have also been the subject of 12 different graduate theses and a doctorate thesis, as well as appeared under the entrepreneurship/branding topics in 6 different textbooks.