Leadership Academy

Soroptimists should inspire the world and create the future. It is difficult, but we are resilient and don’t give up. Now, even more than ever, in the times when many young women are losing jobs and are subject to increasing domestic violence. Pandemics has increased domestic violence of about 30 percent.

We need to share knowledge and expertise with young female leaders. Best done during the Soroptimist Leadership Academy when successful professional women are working together with young ones to help build their personality up from the start of their careers. In the safe environment they will learn all necessary skills  young leaders should have and how to tackle successes and failures.

Soroptimists are the best to learn from as whatever happens they always stand up for women.

I strongly believe that education covers everything: awareness of women’s rights, care of environment, fighting global warming and violence against women. Education is power and independence. Soroptimists have a lot to offer and will do their best to share with their successors.

The technology provides all of us with an enormous possibility. It opens the event to almost unlimited number of participants from many countries, thus an opportunity to meet, exchange views and opinions and get contacts with likewise all around.

I wish you all a wonderful time full of challenges and fulfillment. Use an opportunity well, learn and have fun!


SIE President 2019 – 2021